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learner Mini Cooper 1.5 petrol fitted with dual controls

Mini Cooper (Manual) Lesson 

The latest model of the Mini Cooper is available as a manual car. I love it and, so far, all of the students love it too! It has a sleek 1.5 BMW engine and 6-speed manual gearbox, and it's really a blast to drive. You have great visibility all around you while driving. As shown here, we were more than happy to help out this year by providing our go spotty signed spots for the big learner relay; all to support raising money for children in need


Full Electric Renault Zoe Gt line (Automatic)

Full Electric Renault Zoe Gt Line (automatic) Lesson  

The Zoe is super smooth and quiet, a pleasure to drive, and the pupils are amazed at first how smooth and quiet the Zoe is. As with the Mini the Zoe is top spec so everything you need is on the car. Shown here with our go spotty signed spots for big learner relay, who we helped support this year, in raising money for children in need 

helping pupil's in there own cars

Want to drive your own car

need help learning to drive in your own car.

 where here to help. some pupils prefer to drive their own car to test and for lessons we're here to help.

 a small disclaimer to sign stating cars insured for purpose and road worthy and we do all lesson in your own car 

ill health worried about driving after a crash or even just switching to automictic for the 1st time were here to help

Full Licence Holder

worried about driving?

need help getting back on your feet after health issue,

or even a crash were here to help 

maybe switching from manual to automatic and like some refresher lesson before you start driving your own car 

we're there to help, show you what to expect 


We are always here to help you. Please WhatsApp me with the link below. If I am on a lesson, I will usually get back to you within 24 hours

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