Mirrors Signal Manoeuvres 


Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre (MSM) driving technique and give clear Ato other road users. Understand how to use MSM to safely manoeuvre your vehicle.


the picture to the left 

is what is see and how 

I position the mirrors 

when driving  

Mirror Signal Manoeuvre Routine

The MSM/PSL - routine is fundamental to safe driving. It should be used every time you intend to change your speed or position. You must start the routine in advance of your planned manoeuvre to allow yourself plenty of time to act on what you see in your mirrors.

MSL stands for Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre. The Manoeuvre part is then extended to mean Position-Speed-Look (PSL).

Mirrors - check your mirrors to assess the speed and position of traffic behind you.

Signal - if necessary, you signal to warn other road users what you intend to do.

Manoeuvre - a manoeuvre is any change in speed or direction.

The Manoeuvre element is broken down into:

Position - take up the correct position for the manoeuvre you are about to undertake.

Speed - select the suitable gear and speed for the manoeuvre you are about to undertake.

Look - look to see if it is safe to continue.

The Look element is further broken down into:

Looking - what can you see?

Assessing - what are your options?

Deciding - depending on what you can see.

Acting - either continue with the manoeuvre or wait.



We always do our mirrors in pairs centre mirror and the direction your turning 

left hand mirror of Clio Mk5

side mirrors also known as wing mirrors these mirrors are normally Convex mirrors and make things appear further away than they are

Centre Mirror  or rear view mirror 

Flat mirrors give a true image of distance

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