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  • Do you have a waiting list for new starters?
    We dont normally keep a waiting list (most pupils put themselves on everyone's and go with whichever has space 1st). It is also very difficult to predict when each pupil will finish which then gives space for someone else to start. We dont want to mess pupils around by saying next week again and again.
  • Can I book a lesson for my 17th Birthday 
    Yes we recommend booking your lesson in advance (about 6 months to be sure to get a slot) we do ask for payment to secure the booking and guarantee the slot.   
  • How do I know when my next lesson is 
    We use My Drive Time the best online diary which is linked with the driving school. The online diary also tracks your progress and money spend,or, if paid in advance,how many hours you have left.
  • My Mum/Dad says they only took 10 hours to pass. They’re asking why it’s taking so long?
    The driving test has likely changed since your Mum and Dad started learning. The whole driving test theory and practical test is much more complex due to changes in road layouts and driving laws. 
  • What costs aren’t covered in the lesson prices?
    Only thing not covered is the cost of theory and practical driving tests, these are paid directly to the DVSA.
  • Can you Book the test for me?
    Yes we can book the test for you, and we only charge the DVSA fee.
  •  How long does it take before I'm test ready 
    Each pupil learns at their own speed. There is no set amount of lessons as it is all down to each individual pupils speed. 
  • Does the cost of the Practical Test fee cover the use of the car too?
    No, we charge 2 and half hours for test and this includes 1-hour lesson before your test. 
  • If I pay up front for a block of lessons, how long do I have to use those hours up?
    12 months,unless agreed to extend due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Will you be teaching 2 of us in the car at the same time?
    Not normally its generally one pupils at a time. 
  • Do you have any Gift Certificates for Christmas etc.?
    Yes we offer Christmas and Birthday gift vouchers.
  • How can I track my money if I've paid in advance. 

        My drive time online diary tracks how much you've paid, how many hours used and how many hours left.

  • What's the average amount of hours pupils are ready? 
    The DVSA recommend 44 hours with an instructor and 22 hours with private practice.
  • Can you do lessons in another language?
    Sorry I can only speak English.
  • Do you offer discount ?
    No everyone gets charged the same rate. 
  • Types of payment
    We accept cash or bank transfer
how many hours needed and how much longer due to age

According to the DSA, you’ll need around 44 hours of professional lessons 

to pass your driving test. Great news for younger pupils DSA 

says that pupils need to take an extra 2 hours

 of lessons for every year older they get. The DSA recommends 

around 22 hours of private practice in addition to your professional lesson

We are always here to help you. Please WhatsApp me with the link below. If I am on a lesson, I will usually get back to you within 24 hours

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