CockPit Drill D triple S and M

Before the start of the lesson, remember to check that Doors, seat, steering, seat belts and mirrors 

Mini cooper door


All Doors are closed 

it the drivers responsibility
rear doors closed?
boot, hatchback, tailgate closed? 
if you are carrying children, check child lock on and working?  

Driver Seat 

The law states that you must be seated in a position from which you can control your vehicle and have a proper view of the road. You should be able to press the clutch pedal down to the floor and comfortably run your hands around the rim of the steering wheel. Correct adjustment of your head-restraint is important in order to minimise 'whiplash' if someone accidentally bumped into your car


you should be able to reach all part of the steering wheel and when in the normal position a slight bend in the elbows, most immortally be in a comfortable  position 

Seat belt

Seat Belt 

All car occupants must wear seatbelts. As a driver (and 
learner driver) You are legally responsible for all passengers under 14 years of age. 

clio Mk5 mirrors


Adjust your mirrors for maximum rear view. Most cars have convex door mirrors; these give a wider angle of view but can distort your perception of distance making vehicles appear further away than they actually are.

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