Craig Jones owner of start 2 pass driving school

Who We Are

My Name is Craig Jones 

I'm a passionate instructor and really love my job.
I have over 30 years of driving experience including larger
vehicles and have driven all over Europe. 

I'm a focused father who loves spending time
with my Daughter (look out for the dad jokes). 

I love helping people to achieve their goals of becoming
safe and confident drivers, giving them the ability
 not only to pass their driving test, but to be safe 
on the road for many years to come. I take the
 time to help pupils at their speed. There is no set 
amount of lessons or how long it will take, some are
quicker than others. 

We have a client-centered approach, and there is no such thing
 as a stupid question. We work with the pupil to make sure they
 understand everything. I love my job as it is one of the most rewarding 
things I've done. It is great meeting such a wide diverse array of pupils, 
each one challenging me in a different way. This is the part of the job I really enjoy,
 no one lesson is ever the same. I strive to help every pupil to feel comfortable 
and relaxed on their lesson to give them the confidence to believe
 in themselves, while building their confidence in driving.   


Our Cars 

Past and Present Cars 

2018 Clio 1liter start 2 pass learner car

Clio 1st learner car 2018

Our 1st learner car. Great 1st car for the pupils, and they loved it. 

Mk5 Clio 1.o petrol manual iconic start 2 pass learner car

Clio 2nd learner car 2019 

Our 2nd leaner car. Great car the new mk5 Clio was massive upgraded from the mk 4 Clio. 

latest Mini Cooper with bmw running gear

Latest New Car our Mini Cooper (manual)

The latest model Mini Cooper is our manual car. Not only do I love it, but so far all the pupils have too! It has a smooth 1.5 BMW engine and 6-speed manual gearbox and really is a pleasure to drive with great all-round visibility.

Full electric Renault Zoe gt line

Our New Automatic Renault Zoe GT Line 

Not only automatic but also Electric, moving forward to the future. The Zoe is super smooth and quiet, a pleasure to drive, and the pupils are amazed at first how smooth and quiet the Zoe is. As with the Mini the Zoe has top spec so everything you need is on the car and pupils are taught all aspects including, cruise control and speed limiter.

We are always here to help you. Please WhatsApp me with the link below. If I am on a lesson, I will usually get back to you within 24 hours

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